How many times during a project did you:

  • Feel overwhelmed?
  • Lose focus of the project goal?
  • Get buried in the details, checklists, and action items?
  • Attempt to resolve the issues yourself?
  • Hold knowledge close to your vest?


“What the superior man seeks  is in himself;

what the small man seeks is in others.”



What is the definition of “superior”?

  •   “higher in rank, status, or quality.”
  • Merriam – Webster:  ” of high quality: high or higher in quality: great or greater in amount, number, or degree: better than other people
  • Oxford Dictionary: ” Having or showing an overly high opinion of oneself”

superior ma

Compare with the definition of “small”?

  •  “not great in amount, degree, extent, duration, value, etc.”
  • Merriam – Webster:  “not great in amount, degree, extent, duration, value, etc.”
  • Oxford Dictionary:   “Of a size that is less than normal or usual“;  “Not great in amount, number, strength or power”
Image:  Michel Hobson 2015
Image: Michel Hobson 2015

Ultimately, in project teams, it is beneficial to identify the skills of every member of the project team.  Individually, a “superior” team member may be able to address individual tasks and focus on solo achievements.  Will that meet the needs of the project? Of the customer? Or the business objectives?

However, if the individual “small” team members take the opportunity to recognize and  combine their individual skills and knowledge, the collective project team will have an opportunity to produce greater, “superior” results.