“Road Warriors” who travel frequently on business, (8+ years for me) have stories to tell about managing the ups and downs of cancelled flights, overworked ticket agents, and stuffed overhead bins.

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Ask us!

We can tell the best airports to be stranded in – by country.

We can recommend the best gates to take a lengthy work break because there are plenty of charge outlets and comfortable seating (with side tables for files and food).

Need to track your connecting flight online?

No problem – we have several websites to share.

Need to know how to quickly get from one side of airport to the other?

No problem, just follow me.

But sometimes – it’s just best to make the most of the situation and go with it.




Good Woman

Top Ten TuesdayI typically post some regular features on my blog including a Casual Friday post, a Saturday stitching post and a Top Ten Tuesday list.  However, things have not gone exactly according to plan and I could not do the first two this week.  This is a feeble attempt to publish a Top Ten Tuesday list.

I flew to Wisconsin on Thursday and met up with family to join my brother and his wife in celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary,  That was great.  We had a terrific time and I saw tons of people that I had not seen for decades.  Unfortunately, although I was supposed to fly back on Sunday morning, I am still in Wisconsin with a flight now scheduled to depart at noon today.  Hopefully, this flight will not be cancelled like several others have been.

With some effort at posting one of my features, today’s topic is…

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