As part of “Three Things Thursday” Series, let’s highlight three things that make our working lives better, or even just manageable.  Despite the ever-present issues of workplace conflict, work/life balance, and dealing with difficult people, there are moments in the daily work life worth appreciating.


So here goes:    3 Things That Made Learning and Development Awesome This Week

  • A colleague stated:   “Well, now I know why you are on the team” – and it was said with a tone of grudging respect.  Progress!


  • Getting a LinkedIn request from a Learning and Development colleague that I respect highly, but I was waiting for the appropriate time during the project to connect.  But they reached out first.


  • Having someone ask you “when are you going to _(insert your dream)__” – as though it is a foregone conclusion that it will be successful. In your gut, you know the undertaking will stretch you past previous milestones and you are cautiously optimistic – but your awesome colleague is absolutely positive that you will be successful. In fact, they have the attitude “what is taking you so long”?


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