Updated 2/16/2021. Originally Published 1/12/2015.

If there is only a single person reading today, and that person was influential with the ability to help me attain my goals, here is what I would say to this “audience of one”.

Pleased to Meet You

During this morning’s radio show, you mentioned a posting that you read on a training blog regarding being the need to plan and be prepared

You mentioned creating and utilizing a predefined checklist of key items to accomplish each goal.

This sounded similar to my article entitled “We Must Do and Take Action“. 

I respect your work. I your tenacity throughout your  journey to achievement. You have openly discussed your detours and challenges through life’s roadmap. You have spoken often of the various jobs (versus careers) that you have had. Of course, they were all told with your special brand of humor.

You have chosen to share your winding pathway through your various roles and reinventions. Some were successful.   Alternately, there were several, you admittedly left behind as quickly as possible. You share these gems of information, success stories, and cautionary tales with everyone through your radio show, books, and online lessons.

OPPORTUNITY to participate

I heard the advertisement for your upcoming conference, and I have contacted the conference producers.  I shared how my workshop topics will enhance and provide value-add within your success conference topics.

Early feedback indicates that your audience is interested in training that will provide specific, actionable steps that will allow them to:

  • • Improve Their Workplace Communication and Presentation Skills
  • • Improve Relationships with Difficult Co-Workers
  • • Track the Progress of Assignments
  • • Better Communicate Measurable Results to their Manager
  • • Improve their Skills to Move Their Careers Forward

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average worker today stays at each of his or her jobs for approximately  4.4 years.


The target audience for the conference are everyday working Americans, many identified as the  “working poor”, currently challenged with low-paying jobs or identified as under-employed. Others report treading water in their current work yet have a desire to improve their “careers”. 

In many cases, this requires additional education, targeted learning, or pivoting of existing skills in another direction.  As a corporate trainer, I have trained thousands of skilled workers to learn new technologies and enhance productivity.

The goal of my is to provide information and tools to those who find themselves in workplace situations demanding change, adjustment, and re-focus, specific tools such as:

  • Success Stories
  • Lessons Learned
  • Tips and Techniques

My workshop content would enhance your planned offerings. It would include measurable feedback from the workshop participants, allowing them the ability to quickly customize the sessions for your conference series.


Should the event have an unexpected need for a backup presenter or panel, I am available to support your efforts to success.


Erased . Invisible . Ignored

Don’t Let Yourself Be Erased or ignored in the workplace. Your contributions are equally as valuable as your peers.


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