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This is the first time that I really understood why this is important.  Best instructor – truly awesome class. 

The one day ESL When Dealing with North Americans (for non-American Workers) session targets everyday challenges in the workplace, including addressing:

Slang   .    Cultural Expectations   .   Tone   .    Written Communications   .   Handling Difficult Conversations

Are you a start-up?  A small business with an even-smaller staff?  Is your team remote?     Plan ahead for common workplace situations that require trust, tact, influence and a working relationship to achieve the effective workplace collaborative results.


    What does the Workshop Include?

The ESL When Dealing with North Americans (for non-American Workers)  workshop covers:

  • Overview of North American Culture
  • Writing American English in the Workplace
  • Making Verbal Requests
  • Clarify Instructions or Directions
  • Making Apologies in the Workplace
  • Making Suggestions
  • Asking and Giving Opinions
  • Business Communications with Americans


    HOW is the Course Delivered?  What are the Available Formats?
  • Course Duration:  1 Day  Live Course **
  • Half Day Course format  (Two sessions) **
  • Participant Materials included with each paid registration

** Available upon request for live in-house or custom workshop.  Contact Us today


    WHO Should Attend
  • Non-North American Workers in a work environment  of North American Workers, Customers, Vendors


    WHY is Course Attendance Limited?

The workshop is in an instructor-led learning format.  The workshop includes interactive group activities.



    Cost:   $600 / attendee

Upcoming public sessions:

  •   Dallas, TX
  •   Austin, TX
  •   Houston, TX

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Want this course onsite or customized for your startup, team or organization?   Minimum of 8 attendees, plus purchase of participant materials for each workshop attendees.




Client Feedback