We get it. Your job requires you to be present, visible and onsite. Working from home is not possible.

People are counting on you and your team.

But you still want to know – Once you enter the work premises, what should we be aware of?

Can we help improve our conditions?

Germ Safety in the Workplace

Germs are lowest at the beginning of the day. Why? Because many workplaces, including hospitals, offices, retail establishments, etc are cleaned after regular working hours. 

Once the majority of team members and workers arrive, the top spots for germs at work include:

  • Desktop and keyboard
  • Coffee pots
  • Microwaves
  • Breakroom refrigerators

Other common areas with high traffic and germs, include:

  • doorknobs to meeting rooms, offices, and restrooms
  • elevator buttons
  • vending machine buttons
  • open / shared worktables and desks

So what can or should you do?

  • Using bacterial wipes preferably, clean your work area daily.
  • Practice social distance or personal space boundaries
  • Wash hands frequently throughout the day (before and after meals, on breaks, etc)
  • If leading live, in-person meetings or workshops, provide appropriate sanitizer and breaks. Modify actionable, collaborative activities to adjust to “the new work normal”.

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