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Five workplace news stories from the last 30 days

To help make sure you stay informed, we revisit current “workplace good idea” stories from the previous month and curate them for your convenience.

#1 – Northeast Ohio college presidents will discuss discourse and civility on college campus

The presidents of 3 colleges in Ohio will gather on February 26, 2020 to discuss the current state of civility within college campuses today. The colleges include:

College protests, speaking engagements on college campuses, hate speech, government funding all impact the environment on campuses today. Read more here.

Source: | Author: Emily Bamforth

#2 – The Body Shop will start hiring the first person who applies for any retail job

According to the article, the company’s new hiring process is “No interviews, no background checks, no drug tests. When there is a job available, just answer three yes-or-no questions and the job is yours. It’s a new philosophy called “open hiring”—and it works.”

In fact, the company began the hiring pilot in 2019 in North Carolina and found workers to fill hiring needs. Read more

Source: | Author: Adele Peters

training | Learning and development

Retailer Workplace Harassment Training


The online course is designed specifically by retailers with retail-specific examples using scenarios in stores, restaurants, and fulfillment and distribution centers to train workers on understanding, recognizing, reporting, and addressing sexual harassment in the workplace.


#3 – They outperformed everyone’: How training can transform an incarcerated workforce

A business concept that is working – hiring the willing (and able) people resources first and then developing the people hired to address your business needs by providing direct training.

More importantly, interviewing and hiring those members of the community members – who would have otherwise not been considered – provides positive benefits to the job candidates, the employer and the community. Read more

Source: | Author: Aman Kidwai

#4 – Are employers responsible for protecting their employees from workplace violence?

Violence in the workplace is the last thing we think of as we head to work, but it is a reality. What can be done? There are key activities that can be done to reduce the opportunity for violence in the workplace.

This article outlines not just the OSHA requirements and responsibilities, but measurable, actionable steps for workers and business owners, and organizations alike. Read more

Source: | Author: thomas brady

#5 – Avoiding Workplace Drama: 4 Steps To Being An Ally, Not A Rescuer, Victim Or Persecutor

Surveys, articles, and studies tell us what we already know – that many of us in the workplace have experienced workplace bullying and/or witnessed it. Some of us have been forced to leave jobs as a result.

But what can you do if leaving is not an option? Read more

Source: | Author: Nancy Doyle