Difficult Coworkers Tips

  1. Attend meetings with a buddy.  Have a previous arrangement to support each other verbally and encourage mutual collaboration.

  2. Mix the seating in meetings; Change frequently and consistently; break up the traditional group seating whenever possible.

  3. Demonstrate common courtesy to all you are in contact with; please, hello, thank you – even a purposeful nod of acknowledgement.

  4. Be present; listen intently; set devices on vibrate or silent; no viewing devices while others are speaking; look speakers in the eye.

  5. Acknowledge everyone  you encounter – especially if you are within 3 feet.

  6. Document every difficult encounter – and keep it safe, secure and confidential.


Checklist: Difficult Conversations with Boss

Tool:   Narrow the focus for the upcoming conversation.  

Checklist: Difficult Conversations with CoWorkers

Tool:  Stay on track, and plan your strategy