Stories of the Workplace

HTDigest | Issue #12  October 23, 2017

The Future of Work: Freelancers Are the New Cloud Computing

Entrepreneur · Phil Strazzulla

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A Brutal Truth About Following Your Passion and Doing What You Love That Few People Admit

Inc Magazine .  Jeff Haden

Is doing what you love a recipe for a successful business?  Before you start down the road of entrepreneurship, what other ingredients should you consider?  Read more

Why Introverts Make the Best Entrepreneurs

Wall Street Journal  .  Elizabeth Bernstein

Numerous CEOs are admitted introverts.  The world clamoring suggested being louder. What makes these introvert CEO’s successful?  What skills of the introvert lend themselves to being successful in managing their businesses? Read more

Half of millennials would rather start their own business than work for someone else

Ladders  .  Jane Burnett

Millennials want to be the boss.  Is this new information to anyone?  How does that compare to the number of businesses started by millennials?  Read more