Stories of the Workplace

HTDigest | September 17, 2017 Issue


The Cubicle Was Actually Ahead of Its Time

Inc Magazine · Jacob Morgan

Open Workspace (think a sea of visible tables and devices) versus cubicles.   Revolutionary designs?  Methods to make workers conform to a productivity standard?  A way to better collaborate and engage?  The answers vary with your experience.  Read More

13 Vibrant Communities For Digital Nomads And Remote Workers

Forbes · Tomas Laurinavicius

Working remotely, yet secretly looking for some human interaction?  Someone to bounce ideas back and forth?  Motivational and encouraging remote work buddies?  This list provides connections.  Some may be fee-based. Read More

Your Office is Influencing How Much Your Team Trusts You

Inc Magazine · Jordan Kasteler

Does the open workspace and collaboration opportunities inspire trust in the workplace?  Is it the open door policy of leadership?  How much of a real impact do you experience?  Read more

6 things the most organized people do every day

Ladders · By Eric Barker

Key thoughts – “Good Enough” and “Use Your Resources”. We can all adapt these into our day-to-day to reduce the “overwhelm”.  Read more

Nielsen Just Announced 100 Work-From-Home Jobs

House Beautiful · Sarah Schreiber

Looking for an opportunity that allows you to work from home?  Or use your bilingual skills?  With a commitment to diversity and providing  benefits?   Read more

Working From Home? Watch Out for These 4 Issues


Communication in the work environment is critical – whether planned meetings, hallway drive-by sessions, or coffee break room chatter.  How do you achieve quality and effective communication when part of your team is remote? Read more


Millennials Dress Casually At Work, And It’s Helping An Industry Explode

Forbes · Wes Gay, Under 30

No, you are not imagining it.  The workplace dress code in your office may actually be getting less stringent.  In fact, it may be leaning towards leisure wear.  Read More

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