Play fair.

Don’t hit people.

Say you’re sorry when you hurt somebody.”

Robert Fulghum


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image-red-color-bullets-for-articles      Bullied at Work: Plan Ahead and Practice Your Response.     Frankly, if you have to sit through another meeting where someone overtalks you, or bulldozes through your ideas only to present it later as their own thoughts… well, lets just say you are hanging on by a thread.   Read more here

image-green-bullets-for-articles     5 Strategies to a Handling Difficult Conversations with Your Boss.   Plan proactively the conversation strategies to an improved result.  Read more here

image-yellow-color-bullets-for-articles    Workplace issues impact the bottom line.   According to the CDC, the health effects due workplace issues is estimated to cost employers approximately 200 million lost workdays each year…

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