“Status Quo or Grow:  You are in Control of Your Future.”

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We work because we must.  Or because we want  a better life for ourselves and those we love.  Maybe it is just to put food on the table, clothing on our backs, and provide a shelter from the world’s weather.  Whatever, the reason, we choose the work we do.  Maybe it is not our preferred work.  Maybe it is the convenient   location or commute.  Or the level of skills required to enter a particular role or responsibility.  Maybe it is the ease or challenge of the work.   Whatever the reason, we must own the reason and march to the outcome we want.  It is our job, our career, our destiny.   We can choose to control what we can.  And in the words of my beloved grandmother – “if you don’t like it – change it!”   She taught me that I always have power in my own space.  Life may throw you lots of curve balls – and she certainly had her share. But I remember most – she always stepped back up to the plate.

During your career, when have you changed your direction for the better?   Was it by choice?


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