Published 1/2/2015; Updated 12/23/15; Updated 3/18/2020


Early in my career, when I was transferred from the sales branch to the training department, I was frankly insulted.  I believed that I was being penalized for spending too much time explaining the product “how-to” to the prospective customer. 

Although I realized that my job required that I sell a specified number of widgets to meet the sales quota, instead, I tended to spend quality time with the prospect(s) focusing on their current tasks – and how to use our product(s) to achieve those goals.  My manager felt I was spending too much time on the “training” and not enough time selling. 

So I half-heartedly accepted the transfer (really had no choice) and moved to the next phase of my career reluctantly and with anguish.

Fresh Spotlight

“If you have made mistakes, even serious ones, there is always a chance for you.  What we call failure is not the falling down, but the staying down.”        

~ Mary Pickford
silent film actress, co-founder of the film studio United Artists and one of the original 36 founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science

If I could return to that point in time – I would return with tougher skin, an enlightened mind, and a willingness to try new things quickly.  I would be more open and flexible even if I did not understand the decision(s).  I would view each assignment as a new learning opportunity to remake, revisit, or refurbish myself.  To that manager (if you are reading this – you know who you are). Thank you for seeing more in me than I saw in myself.

I do not have the opportunity to go back in time, but I will go forward with that new tougher skin, an appreciation for my unique abilities and welcome the “do-over” opportunities in the future.