Remember when the single “cool” high school teacher had the idea to have class outside on the school grounds? All the kids in the other classes were envious and you almost wished class lasted a little longer because everyone was excited and “into” the actual learning for that day.

How would your next workplace training class react if you suggested that class be held outside, in the lobby, or even standing up for an entire hour? 

Would there be an increase in participation level, maybe even excitement?

A recent article, “5 Ways to Stay Active During Your Workday When It is Too Dark and Cold For Walking Meetings” by Jessica Gross on, suggests that it would be helpful to stand during presentations or adjust movement and positions frequently.

Alternately, another article, “Movement in the Workplace” encourages movement during the workday, yet confirms that work done at a computer may be easier and more accurate when performed sitting down.

One of my clients was working at a desk with a raised monitor and she stood for almost 2 hours while working.  The majority of the workplace training day was spent sitting during class completing hands-on exercises.   

Could the learning impact be measured on the entire class, if the workshop had been completed while standing, or even sitting in a different area of the building than a traditional workplace technology lab?

Interesting thought.