The Workplace Influence Without Authority workshop targets people and businesses encountering the increasing problems with workplace team goals and objectives.


Are you a start-up?  A small business with an even-smaller staff?  Is your team remote?  Have a project team that experiences challenges working together without direct hiring and firing authority – to achieve a common goal and business objective?   Plan ahead for common workplace situations that require trust, tact, influence and a working relationship to achieve the effective workplace collaborative results.

Client Feedback:

Great class. Sometimes frustrating to be in charge of a project, and have great people on the team, but they report to someone else.  This can cause conflicting viewpoints and expectations.  The instructor allowed us to practice different realistic scenarios to help us get comfortable with dealing with real-world situations.  Great job! Could use another day of class!” 

    What does the Workshop Include?

The Workplace Influence Without Influence workshop covers:

  • Workplace Integrity and Trust
  • Influence to Get the Job Done
  • Work Relationships and Rapport
  • Persuasion and Communication Style
  • Attaining Desired Results
  • Difficult Situations in the Workplace
  • Achieving Commitment


    HOW is the Course Delivered?  What are the Available Formats?
  • Three (3) Full Days Live Course **
  • Half Day Course format  (Six sessions) **
  • Participant Materials included with each paid registration


    WHO Should Attend
  • Anyone who is has responsibility for working with multiple people and teams in the workplace environment.
  • Anyone who wants to influence, support and collaborate with their teams, clients, consultants, and vendors.


    WHY is Course Attendance Limited?

The workshop is in an instructor-led learning format.  The workshop includes interactive actions and group activities.


    Cost:   $1,490 / attendee


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Want this course on-site or customized for your startup, team or organization?

Minimum of 8 attendees, plus purchase of participant materials for each workshop attendees.

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