We develop materials … and work with you to take your employee’s skills from one level … to the next!

We focus on measurable, and actionable!

“Excellent speaker, trainer and motivator.”    –  Client Feedback

Organizations have entrusted Michel Hobson to develop skills for thousands of their employees within the last 20+ years.

From Fortune 500 organizations to small businesses start-ups, Michel has delivered measurable results for the courses she has taught, and the training implementation projects she has led.


 “Fantastic delivery and a great professional.”


  •   Project Management:   Michel’s distinctive enterprise approach has helped combine software implementations with learning requirements into business initiatives with measurable results.


  •   Training Consultant:   Michel’s training delivery style blends her expertise in business,  compelling storytelling skills, and human performance knowledge to the audience from pre-work to measurable skills improvement.


  •   Instructional Design:   As a professional trainer and facilitator, Michel knows what course content and activities work well with a live or virtual live audience.   Using that knowledge in her course and workshop materials result invaluable resources that the attendee can utilize long after the course or workshop has been completed.

“…was an excellent presenter inspiring interest in a difficult topic…”

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