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  • Dread going to work?

  • Need help navigating the day-to-day working relationships?

  • Dread going to meeting or working with certain team members?  Even your boss?

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Most working adults spend more than 50% of their waking hours focused on the job and/or building a business.   Multiple those hours times the number of adult years spent working and a significant portion of our lives are spent dealing in relationship that can impact your families and your financial lives.

Need support and guidance to handle difficult relationships in your work place?  The courses below provide select  tips and tricks that have worked for others in similar workplace situations, including:

Available Courses

The list of courses below are not all -inclusive or even the most comprehensive, but will help you make the kind of positive choices in the workplace.   After completing each course you will tangible, actionable steps  that allow you to decide how to move forward in your workplace relationships – in ways that work for you.

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Get the 5 Strategies to Handling Difficult Conversations with Your Boss

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Workplace Civility: Handling Difficult Conversations 

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Respect and Civility – Lynchpins in the Workplace

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Key Steps to Handle Difficult Conversations with Coworkers and Clients

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image 081416 - shoes-1245920__180 Have you decided that the best solution for you is to change job, or transfer to a different position within the organization?  In today’s social media environment, the job search has changed.  There are significant things you should review an update before submitting your resume down the “rabbit hole” of many online job sites.

If you have direct contact you are planning to contact regarding employment, be aware that a google search on your identity may be one of the first things that occurs.  Do you know what will appear online for your name?  Are you in control of the information that is displayed? We have completed the research for you and gathered it together in a single resource.

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