As a workplace training consultant, Michel  has helped thousands of attendees grow their skills and adapt to change within their organizations.

By aligning the learning and skills needs of the adult worker with the business objectives of the organization, Michel aligns the learning with a audience-centered focus.

By addressing the audience expectations and the individual’s WIFM perspective, she encourages an activity-focused learning atmosphere that results in measurable workplace behavior improvement.

Michel works with Human Resources, Line of Business and Organizational leaders for:

Instructional Design

Develop business-focused learning resources, tools and deliverables.

Training Delivery

Conducting Public, Onsite and Customized Business Learning

Training Project Management

Managing Events, Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, Training Sessions

Tool: Difficult Conversations with Boss

This resource helps you better navigate, stay on track, and plan your strategy

Checklist: Difficult Conversations with CoWorkers

Focus for the upcoming difficult conversation to stay on track.

   Measurable Success – Michel has worked with a wide variety of organizations from large global enterprises to small business start-ups, in the US, Sweden, and Ireland. Michel’s multinational and multicultural view benefits your diverse audience directly.

   Measurable Progress – Michel’s expertise in needs analysis, corporate training, performance development and measurements is a key element of her consulting process to create actionable, measurable business results.

   Focused on Your Results – Are you looking to be the kind of learning and development consultant who is skilled in focusing on your workforce development results?

If so, contact Michel Hobson to discuss how we can help with your workforce skills and compliance training.
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