Scattershot and Beginning Too Much

Who begins too much accomplishes little. ~ German Proverb     Download the Free eBook "Workplace Bullying What Can Be Done About It?"! Tool If you need to have some guidance, when preparing for the next difficult workplace conversation with your boss, download our checklist to help you figure out how you want the conversation … Continue reading Scattershot and Beginning Too Much

HTDigest3 | Quiet People, Collaboration and Appearance

HTDigest | Stories of the Workplace ♦   WORKING ENVIRONMENT 10 Ways to "Deal With" Quiet People  .  Dan Rockwell "Quiet People" are frequently underestimated and ignored.  This article highlights why you are awfully lucky to have a "quiet person" on your team. Now that you know, how will you utilize their special talents?  Read … Continue reading HTDigest3 | Quiet People, Collaboration and Appearance

[Workshop] Civility in the Workplace

Lack of civility in the American workplace is increasing at a epic rate. According to a recent study published by Workplace Bullying Institute, approximately 60 million American workers have witnessed or been the victims of workplace bullying.  The need to address the issue  is critical - whether your business is a start-up or an established business. Key … Continue reading [Workshop] Civility in the Workplace