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Startup Statistics:  Financing Your Startup

  • 80% of startups are self-funded.
  • Crowdfunding accounts for 3% of all startups.

Setting up and financing your startup can take months or even years of planning.  Even as a solo entrepreneur, it can take years of honing your skills and planning your strategy to begin.  Whether you begin as side gig while on your current job, or take the leap of faith from your W-2 job to begin your journey as a lifestyle business, financing the business is but one of the major considerations.  Setting up the workplace itself, identifying where you will conduct your business, clarifying the types of customers and clients you will service are also key startup activities.

Additional considerations are the needs for appropriate process and procedures, and designing business templates to simplify your business processes and  communications.  Need help with these activities?  Are there any best practices that can help you shorten the time to successful implementation within your busines?  We can help you avoid recreating the wheel.

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