Suspect that the way you are treated at your place of employment is not normal?  Unsure if you are being bullied, or is it just a case of personalities clashing?  Does it feel like the treatment you receive is not the same as your co-worker?

Several online dictionaries and articles describe the term “bullying” as a verb, an action – the act of intimidation or domineering behavior.  According to Ron Maurer, author of the article “Workplace Bullying Laws on the Horizon”,  published in 2013,  he describes it as “bullying includes work interference or sabotage that prevents work from getting done.”

According to, in a survey concluded that approximately 25% of the workforce have experienced workplace bullying – therefore one quarter of the workers are having difficulty completing work related activities.

How many customers are experiencing poor customer service as a result of workplace bullying?

How many project teams are unable to complete the project within scope, on-time and within budget due to bullying of project team members?

How many employees leave or change positions due to workplace bullying in their environment?  With the calculated investment in interviewing, hiring and training workers, the cost of turnover due to workplace bullying may be impactful to the bottom line. According to Catherine M. Mattice, author of the book, BACK OFF! Your Kick-Ass Guide to Ending Bullying at Work, the costs of workplace bullying can be measured in several way, including:

Lost, mistreated customers who later seek out your competitors as a result of the bullying

Vanished consumers who heard about the bullying behavior from displeased, former customers. In today’s social media environment, the behavior can be quickly disseminated across a host of platforms.

Are you still unsure if you are experiencing bullying behavior in your place of employment?

Updated 4/13/2020