There are many articles available that discuss the trials of working with a difficult colleague or a manager who intimidates workers.  Recently, while preparing to conduct a workshop,  I reviewed an article with a different approach to workplace bullying, by highlighting what NOT to do when faced with continual mistreatment in the workplace.  The article, entitled “From Bullied to BullyProof!”, The WBI 3-Step Target Action Plan  written by  Workplace Bullying Institute, stresses  several key tips for the targeted employee, including:

  • You should not feel guilty for not confronting your bully
  • You should not expect things to get better without intervention
  • You should not expect that you must sacrifice your health, and sanity in order to get along or survive.
  • You should not expect the bullying to stop eventually
  • Your actions should not imitate the behavior of the bully
  • You should not share your documented proof  – be very cautious

The detailed article identifies 3-step action for handling (or preparing your exit strategy)  from this difficult environment, along with 4 expected goal outcomes as a result of taking suggestion actions.  Additionally, it identifies why you should not expect assistance from the traditional resources within the company (and explains why).

If you face workplace bullying, this article is worth the read.

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