While reading the evaluations for the training course just completed, it is obvious that some enhancements may be needed.  More and more engagements have decreased or eliminated the course maintenance time allocated.  In fact, many times, it is not factored into the training project plan.  What actionable steps can be taken to quickly enhance an existing instructor-led course, without an influx of additional manpower?

Incorporate the frequently asked questions by your audience. 

First, identify the common questions that are answered in several classes / workshops.  If the same questions are being asked repeatedly in successive class sessions, it is possible the current content is not addressing these requirements.  Identify the top 3 repetitive questions.  Research and verify the appropriate responses.  Decide the methodology to incorporate the content.  Deliver it!

Focus on the “take-away’s.

Second, what key skills should the participant be able to accomplish at the end of the class?  Isolate one or two key skills.  Once defined, is there an activity or exercise targeting or reinforcing each skill?  By providing a skill based activity, the engagement of the adult learner increases, while the activity results will provide a measurement of  learning achievement.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Lastly, who is the key knowledge resource for your course content (preferably within the organization)? Would a question & answer session, or panel discussion between the SME and the audience be helpful?  In a controlled environment, this utilizing the SME as a resource provides an opportunity for information sharing between both sides, while enhancing the quality of the learning within the corporate classroom.

A bonus benefit, as the primary instructor, you will have an opportunity to take a back seat, document key points discussed, as possible future content.



(Updated 12/23/15)