According to an article by Cindy Knezevich’s entitled “Infographic: New EEOC Stats Show Critical Need for Improved Workplace Harassment Training” highlights a need to revisit existing policies and update for the current workplace climate.

Of course, these training courses must also consider the variety of adult workers, including the multiple generations with diversity of learning styles.

The current statistics are summarized in the 2013 infographic below.

  •  $11 Billion Lost Annually Due To Employee Turnover
  • Companies With Engaged Employees Outperform Those Without By Up To 202%
  • 71% Of All Employees Are Not Fullu Engaged
  • 26% Of Employees Are Actively Disengaged
  • 80% Of Employees Are Dissatisfied With Their Direct Manager And Were Engaged.


Reference:   Workplace Harassment Training: EEOC Stats 2013
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