Updated 2/27/2020

Are training evaluations completed at the end of a training course – whether virtual, online or classroom – an accurate assessment of the quality of the training session?

Many training evaluations are completed quickly by the attendee in a rush to exit training – much like the phone surveys that the banks, cable companies, and mobile phone companies ask you to complete after providing their services.

In the workplace training session, the attendee is eagerly departing until momentarily delayed to complete the training evaluation. 

Most understand that the training evaluation is needed by someone, but wonder if the comments they provide will actually be read and/or acted upon by anyone with decision making power.


Although the immediate feedback is welcome, how often is an evaluation of the new skills conducted at least 7 days, 30 days or 6 months after training has been completed?


When do we measure the true impact of the new skills learned when utilized in the real workplace where the customer sale occurs or the new hardware is installed?

Michel Hobson, Workplace Training Consultant. Her extensive Training Delivery and Project Management experience and expertise span multiple industries and hundreds of companies. | michel-hobson.com